This week I’m craving… nature’s caramel (OK, dates)16

Posted on April 5, 2013 by ChristieI'm Craving

Medjool dates taste exactly like natural caramel, don’t you agree?

Think carefully about your answer, you are dealing with a hormonal prenant lady.

You do think they taste like caramel? Me too! Let’s be friends :)

I’ve mostly been eating them straight up as a snack, but have also chucked them into a banana and date loaf, healthy truffles, the base of cheesecakes and in a very yummy breakfast cous cous dish I came up with a few years ago.

What are you craving this week? Join in the fun! Please… I’m such a sticky beak.

How to join in with: This week I’m craving… {insert food}

I thought it might be fun to start a weekly post with what I’m craving during my pregnancy and I thought it might be even more fun if you joined in too. Everyone has cravings, you don’t need to be pregnant, so that means everyone can come along for the ride.

  • Every Friday I’ll publish a post with what I’m craving during my pregnancy.
  • You publish a blog post about what you’re craving and link back to my blog post.
  • I’ll add all the links into the blog post each week so others can click through and check out what you’re craving! If for some reason your link doesn’t appear, just give me a little nudge via a comment or note through my contact form.

Your post could be about something you are craving that is unattainable (as in, sashimi from a specific restaurant in Tokyo) or something you craved then made/ate and took a picture of. Or you can use a photo you borrowed from the internet (link to its source please, that’s good web etiquette!).

What other bloggers are craving this week…

  • Have you posted your craving? Let me know in the comments so I can link you up!
  • Greek Vegetarian is craving… baklava!
Christie x
  • Jay

    Ooooh, I love a good date smeared with a little blue cheese….. I wasn’t craving dates with blue cheese but now I am xox

    • Oh Jay you are killing me!! I can’t eat blue cheese right now… will have to make do with cream cheese :)

  • Bek @ Crave

    I Love dates!!!

  • Sounds like fun… dates are amazing!

  • InTolerant Chef

    So delicious indeed Christie, I get such a sugar rush if I eat a couple that it’s better than an espresso caffeine high :)

    • I wish I did! I just ate another one to check – no sugar rush. Bummer. Lucky you :)

  • Claire

    Hmm, I have had two steaks this week so I’d probably say I’m craving meat at the moment!

    • Mmm, steak. Another thing I can’t have as I must have it rare. Boo hoo.

  • I WAS craving an American breakfast sausage biscuit but I made them yesterday :) Medjool dates are like dessert you don’t have to cook.

  • Amanda

    I am loving dates at the moment, although I try not to eat too many due to their high sugar content. I have also been using them in baking in place of refined sugar – date slices packed with oats, date and banana loaves, date/almond/chia seed balls.

    As for cravings, this week I’m craving canned tuna and mayonnaise. Which would probably be ok We’re it not for the fact that I am also pregnant (15 weeks) so on a canned tuna restriction!

    • The canned tuna restriction is hard, isn’t it?! It’s so convenient – especially when you can’t eat cold leftovers from the fridge…

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I’m another big date fan too! We buy the really nice ones as gifts for each other. They’re like chocolates! :)

    • Oh that sounds like a good idea. I will let Dillon know about that… :)

  • Donna Khoo

    This sounds like so much fun!! I love dates…sticky date pudding is one of my fav’s but I have to say when I was pregnant with both my son’s – I was craving (hot chips with vinegar) – crazy!! My name is Donna and I am from nectar and stone – a blog about food and fashion and I am looking to build some lovely friendships with people / bloggers who share the same passions around food.

    Donna :)

    • Don’t get me started on sticky date pudding, yum!!! I’m a big hot chip fan anytime as well. Thanks for dropping by Donna :)

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