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Posted on March 19, 2012 by ChristieLink Ups

I’ve been wanting to eat cauliflower for a few weeks now, but the ones at the green grocer just haven’t looked that great, not to mention they were quite expensive!

My craving was exacerbated yesterday when my mum gave me a big tupperware container of her famous Hungarian-style bean soup that featured home made noodles (called nokedli in Hungarian) and juicy little florets of cauliflower… but there was no cauliflower in it!

I could have raced out to the shops and bought some cauliflower then reheated the soup with some thrown in. But I was too lazy. Instead, I started fantasising about the cauliflower recipes I like to make and the ones I have posted here on Fig & Cherry.

My favourite ways to cook cauliflower are roasting and deep frying (oh OK, and smothered in cheesy bechamel in a gratin). I love the way when you coat it in a tasty crumb in the form of cornmeal or polenta it adds a whole new flavour dimension (and a few more nutrients).

This polenta crumbed cauliflower is from the archives. I made it all the way back in July 2008. Woah. I’m linking it up with the lovely Veggie Mama‘s Meatless Monday round up. Click here to check out all the other yummy vegetarian dishes being featured this week.

Click here to get my recipe for crumbed cauliflower.

Are you a cauliflower fan?

Christie x
  • Im getting right in to cauli at the moment. Its such a great little veggie. I was never a fan when I was little but adore it now

  • I love cauliflower, but sadly, you won’t find one this time of year (in Australia anyway) worth buying at any price. Right out of season. You would have had to plant them in midsummer and keep them indoors in artificial light to convince them that the days were getting too short and winter was imminent so it was a bad idea to bolt to seed. Then you’d have to air condition them so as to make the environment wrong for fungus diseases and aphids, or spray, and you’d have to spray against cabbage and web moths and….I’m just planting now, and with a bit of luck in a couple of months I’ll be eating caulis with no sprays or treatments necessary at all. I’ve tucked the recipe away!

  • I’m a huge cauliflower fan and for a recent dinner party did a whole cauliflower. And rewardingly, not a single floret remained. I think everyone loves cauliflower!

  • I made a cauliflower curry last week, but it cost a fortune! I have some tiny cauliflower seedlings in my veggie garden, so maybe I’ll wait for them to grow up a bit :)

  • Definitely a cauliflower fan! Love the polenta crust!

  • I want them. NOW!

    Love Cauli. I love Cauliflower and Blue Cheese soup and am a real sucker for Cauliflower cheese.

  • How far away do you live? How long will it take for you to get here and make me these?!

    • I think it’s about an hours flight… so, totally doable!! :)

  • oooo i love cauliflower :) its got such a subtle flavour and I love it as a side and this would be perfect ~ the polenta will give it a lovely texture!

    Thanks for sharing!

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