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Posted on October 16, 2012 by ChristieIn my kitchen, Web Favs

Here’s some lovely things that are hanging around my kitchen this month…

Above, Cobram Estate Olive Oil**. The lovely peeps at Cobram saw my cauliflower and chickpea soup post where I mentioned that I loooove their oil (no payment, I just do). Next thing I know, a big box turns up at my door with six bottles of olive oil. Happiness!

I didn’t even know they had flavoured oils… the lemon one has got the biggest workout so far, it gets drizzled onto everything – salad, pizza, roast veggies, chicken, you name it! So yummy. Thanks guys!

Have you seen this new cookbook by Roberta Muir**? She’s the manager of the Sydney Seafood Cooking School at the Sydney Fish Market.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I opened the book, I instantly fell in love. We are big seafood fans in this house, and with our recent move to the NSW North Coast, we are thrilled at the abundance of local stuff right at our doorstep.

There are many beautiful recipes from famous chefs who also tell a little story – like the one from Tetsuya who says that leather jacket tastes very much like the Japanese delicacy – puffer fish (fugu), and shares a stunning sashimi-style dish that I can’t wait to try!

Being a bit of a design-junkie, I am really digging the black and white contents pages set out in neat flowcharts with line drawings of sea-dwellers like octopus and yabbies. Grab a copy and check it out if you appreciate such things – it is released on 24th October 2012.

Thanks to Penguin Publishers for sending me a copy.

My mother in law gave me a fantastic foodie welcome package when we arrived. There was loads of stuff in it, but here are two of my favourites right now.

No Worries Koala Tea – can you get a more Australian name than that? It’s a herbal concoction of lemon grass, lemon balm, roasted chicory root and mint – and it’s made right around the corner in a quaint town called Alstonville.

Northern Rivers Rice – grown in this region with only pure rain water. Just gorgeous.

There is stacks and stacks of Nature’s Cuppa** tea to drink! Just a little perk of my recent recipe development work – remember the chocolate cake with peppermint tea syrup from last week?

Beautiful cookware from Profiline**. A milk pan, large long grill pan and a stainless steel wok. Plus there are some saucepans on the way too.

I’ll be doing a sponsored story featuring all this stuff coming up soon, so stay tuned.

I just love picking up Australian Healthy Food Magazine every other month.

I love all the littleĀ nutritionĀ tid bits and am always inspired by the healthy makeovers they give traditionally fatty dishes like pasta carbonara or fish and chips. I’ve already made three of the recipes in this month’s edition, but sadly the light was bad at dinner time to take pics. (Although that is slowly changing with daylight savings!).

Linking up with the lovely Celia who hosts an In My Kitchen round up every month. Click through to peek into loads of other bloggers kitchens too! (Which is a great treat if you are a sticky beak like me!).

Have you got something special in your kitchen this week?

Christie x

**These items were gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.

  • I bought some of the Natures Organic chai this week. It’s really nice. I also love Cobram oils – especially the cute little spout that pops up !

    • Hey Sonia – I am yet to try the chai from Nature’s Cuppa… although it is sitting in my cupboard right now! And yes! I love the little pop up spouts on Cobram, I can’t believe I didn’t take the top off one of them for the photo to show everyone. Silly me. Christie

  • Christie, I love the Cobram oils too, although lately we’ve been using oil grown by Pete’s cousin in Mudgee. No Worries Koala Tea? You’re right, you can’t get more Aussie than that! :)

    • Hi Celia – oh to have home grown olive oil – what a treat! Christie

  • Love the Cobram Estate oils. I used to sell their top shelf range when I co-owned the cookware store. Profiline too. I haven’t seen Roberta’s book, when was it published?

    • Hey Lizzie, Oops! Just checked the press release, publication date is 24th October! I will update this post – thanks for pointing that out :) Christie

  • So many goodies Christie! The cookware looks great, I’m always interested in good quality kitchen tools

  • Those pans look lovely.Very elegant.

  • The koala tea is so, so Australian down to the No Worries bit and the Koala! :P

  • Lovely peek into your kitchen – I especially love the cookware!

    • Thanks PinkPolkaDot – me too! Review post coming soon :)

  • Cobram Estate’s pop-up pourers are the BEST invention I’ve seen in ages. I was staring in wonderment when I opened one recently.

  • I love Cobram Estate oils too – and also didn’t know they did flavoured oil. But my favourite item in your post is the Healthy Food mag. My sister-in-law gave a subscription to my hubby a couple of years ago and I just love it. Loads of great recipes and fabulous healthy food ideas. Which I guess is the point!

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