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Posted on November 27, 2012 by ChristieIn my kitchen, Web Favs

There are lots of lovely things in my kitchen this month!

It was little Miss P’s birthday a few weeks ago. She turned 2. I didn’t make her a cake as I was waiting for my Mum to visit next week so that we could have a little party with both sets of grandparents.

My MIL Angela let me borrow her copy of the Women’s Weekly Cake Cookbook (1998) as it has a bunny cake in it. Poppy has a toy bunny that she absolutely adores, so I’m going to make her a cake that looks like it. Stay tuned, I’ll snap it up and post it here shortly.

Angela also gave me a tea towel with American presidents on it to use as a prop for a Thanksgiving post. But I didn’t get around to it. Keep your eyes peeled for it next year.

I was very excited to receive a box of Patrice Newell garlic**. It has a strong pungent flavour and crisp texture, I just love it.

I never buy imported garlic to support Aussie farmers who are producing such wonderful crops. You can now buy this brand online, see website address in the picture above. If you remember, tell them I sent you!

I’ve never been sent a food service manual** before. It’s fascinating to flip through and see all the information that chefs get – in this case, about Avocados.

There is nutritional information, photos of different varieties and their stages of ripeness and a whole load of recipes. Thanks to Stewart for sending this to me to take a look at!

Remember I told you I met up with the publisher of the local food magazine Sample? Well I also scored myself a regular two page spread in the magazine. Pretty cool huh?

All words and photos by me. Plus my big head got in there too. Come back here tomorrow for the Gazpacho Soup recipe.

Quite a few cookbooks have been hitting my desk this month.

Home Cooking by Valli Little, editor of delicious. magazine**:┬áChock-full of beautiful photography and really accessible recipes – no posh cheffy ones, just honest food you can make at home.

Matt Preston’s 100 Best Recipes**: Lots of indulgent family meals. As you would expect.

Australia’s Favourite Recipes**: A curation of recipes sent in by ordinary people from all over Australia. It’s fascinating to see how varied the people of Australia eat; dozens of different cuisines and many fusion dishes with little stories from the owner of each recipe. Well worth a read.

Last but not least, a late birthday present from my girlfriend Ju’eta. She read about me doing a little gardening and sent me this very thoughtful gift. Thanks babe!

Linking up with Celia from Fig Jam & Lime Cordial for her monthly In My Kitchen round up!

Christie x

**This was gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.

  • What an awesome array of goodies indeed! The garlic would be just wonderful, and those are some great cookbooks for sure.
    I just posted my own IMK, but I claimed it was an early one for December instead of admitting to being so late for November :)

  • Glenda

    Can’t wait to see the real bunny cake

  • Lizzy (Good Things)

    Love the bunny cake…. I remember making one just like it in the 1970s. very cute!

  • Celia

    What a gorgeous post, Christie! Congratulations on the magazine gig! And love the look of the garlic! Can’t wait to see your cake! :)

  • YAY!!! Congrats for magazine article :) I have the Homecooking and also Matt’s book as well woo hoo love them!

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