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Posted on February 19, 2013 by ChristieNorthern Rivers Stories

Sunday morning was really fun. Poppy fell asleep in the back of the car, so hubby and I decided to take the opportunity to go for a little drive around an area that we hadn’t explored before – Rous (it’s between Ballina and Lismore).

We were surprised how pretty and quaint it was, with lots of macadamia farms and rural properties growing their own produce. Each of which had honesty stalls, and we stopped at all of them!

Here’s what we grabbed on our honesty stall shopping haul:

#1. 4 avocados for $1. 10 small bananas for $1.

#2. Organic, free range eggs $5. We saw the chooks roaming around nearby! I think the carton is recycled, by the way. Bag of organic garlic $5 (take that yucky Chinese imports).

#3. A stall that advertised ‘fresh veggies’ but when we stopped just had a box of wrinkled yellow capsicums. Shame. Skipped that one.

#4. 800g freshly picked sweet lychees $5. Thanks Johnno!

Total money spent = $17.

Happiness at supporting local hobby farmers? Priceless.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I am loving our move to the country more and more every day. Stopping at those honesty stalls and leaving money in the little boxes brings me so much joy, and I get to do it on the reg!

I can’t wait for us to find a place of our own so that I can get my veggie patch going. Who knows, maybe I’ll be so good at it I’ll have some extra produce to sell at an honesty stall of my own? I truly hope so, but only time will tell. Stay tuned :)

Have you ever bought something from a road side stall? How did it make you feel?

Christie x


  • Mmm, what a bargain! The avocados especially, I can’t remember the last time I saw them for cheaper than $2 for 1!

    Do you ever feel like you should leave a bit more money than they ask for?

    • I know, right? It’s avocado madness! And yes, I often leave a few dollars extra, it’s so cheap anyway ;)

  • Oh my goodness. Everything is SO unbelievably cheap! I picked up a box of $12 organic free range eggs the other day at harris farm, (i better not break any accidentally at $1 an egg haha) in my recent attempt to get the least maimed chicken produced eggs possible and avos weren’t cheap either. I think I need to move to the country. lol

    • I don’t miss the overpriced eggs from the city Christine! Hoping to have my own chickens soon, very exciting.

  • Mel

    You’re living up near my old neck of the woods (Lismore). I love those honesty stalls…I love that area, so pretty!

  • Lisa @ Greek Vegetarian

    Oh I’ve got the same yearning to have a veggie patch and a roadside stall… one day. What a ridiculous bargain with the bananas and avocados! And those garlic cloves look superbly incredible!

    • Yes I’m particularly happy with the Aussie garlic! I’d rather go without, hard as it would be, than buy those awful imports.

  • Judy Spad

    I’ve never stopped by a local honesty stall on the side of the road but we do have a little wholesale fruit and veg place not that far from us and up until recently it used an honesty system. Pick your fruit and veg and put the money in a box by the door. Unfortunately, because of a few bad eggs the honesty system no longer exists but I do get to have some great convos with the very passionate owners who do their uttmost to support the local guys. Yay for local produce! Enjoy yours Christie! :-D

    • Oh that’s such a shame that people abused the privilege of the honesty system! Buggers! I just love having a yarn with producers too, makes you feel good inside :)

  • InTolerant Chef

    I adore honesty stalls, they’re everywhere near where my mum lives, but rare here in the ‘burbs. I’ve often thought of putting up a little free-to-good-home stand on my driveway with excess zuchinnis, tomatoes and other veggie garden glut, but don’t think the street would appreciate it :(

    • Oh you should do it! Just a discrete one, I’m sure people would love it. Heck, I would. Wish I lived in your street :)

  • I am so envious of that Byron lifestyle of yours! I’ve seen a few of these honesty stalls in my travels but have never stopped! You got soem great bargains Christie!

    • Next time you should stop! The bargains are unbelievable – but not as unbelievable as the taste of the produce. Must be tasted to be believed!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I love honesty stalls! The produce is so fresh and just picked and often organically grown in the back garden. Great haul!

    • That was exactly the case Lorraine – I could see exactly where the stuff had been growing, so amazing!

  • Wow I’ve never heard of Honesty stalls but that’s such good value!!! Only $1 for 4 avocados!

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