Hello Autumn! I heart you.10

Posted on March 1, 2012 by ChristieLink Ups

I just love the in-between seasons of Autumn and Spring. The weather is not too hot or too cold and the fresh produce is amazing!

Autumn brings into season some of my favourite fruits and vegetables: mushrooms, pumpkin, pears, fennel, figs, celeriac and the list goes on.

I’m looking forward to cooking up a storm with them all, but today I’d like to take a quick look into the archives of Autumn dishes from previous years.

First up, above, is a delicious mushroom strudel. Mushrooms are sautéed with aromatics and some mustard, cheese and herbs then stuffed into filo pastry and baked to flaky perfection. Great for slicing at the table for a bit of dinner drama!

Oh my beloved figs! The last of the ripe summer ones are around right now and the new season Autumn ones should be hitting the shelf any day. They are best devoured fresh like this on top of creamy ricotta and good thick toast.

Moving straight onto dinner with these gorgeously seared lamb chops with pumpkin mash. Pumpkin is so much sweeter than potato and feels much more like a treat for a change. Plus, pumpkin and rosemary are a great combo.

One more pumpkin recipe and we are done. Baked pumpkin cannelloni is made so easy with fresh lasagne sheets and although it’s a little bit fiddly it isn’t hard at all. This is a great meal for Meatless Mondays if you are participating!

Are you an Autumn fan or do you prefer another season?

Christie x
  • I can’t believe it’s Autumn already! How time flies. That pumpkin cannelloni looks fantastic!! Reminds me of a similar dish I had in Fiji when we were on holiday there last year.

  • autumn has always been my favourite season as well. Not too hot, not too cold, juuuust right!

  • It still feels like we haven’t had a proper summer yet! Crazy that it’s now Autumn :P

  • that mushroom strudel looks divine. but of course, i am biased because mushrooms are my fave!!!

  • Everything looks so lovely ;) I agree with you the in between seasons are the best ~ I don’t like the extremes weather we get in Melbourne sometimes hehe

  • OH cannelloni is my fave!!! What a percfect dish for todays Sydney weather :)

  • I agree the in between seasons are the best but it’s Autumn that never fails to renew my inspiration for cooking. I would love to eat each one of these gorgeous looking dishes!

  • I love Autumn too – can’t wait to get cooking! I think I need figs and ricotta on toast RIGHT NOW!

  • Holy cow, why have I never thought to make pumpkin canneloni. That looks so wonderful I must make it tomorrow.

    Not sure I’m ready to give up summer just yet. Big signs everywhere for figs this weekend though. Going to make jam tomorrow.

  • I think Sydney is confused in which weather it should be displaying! The figs with ricotta looks delish!

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