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Posted on September 12, 2012 by ChristieNorthern Rivers Stories

They are small. They are ugly. They are mine.

I grew these strawberries and no matter how they look, I love them.

You might remember last week when I told you I have moved house. Our new house has a strawberry patch and so far I have not been able to eat any of the strawberries that have grown in it.


Well, there is a certain little (almost) Miss 2 year old who discovered them and hoed on in. But Mummy is smarter than her.

I started putting nice big ripe juicy strawberries (that we bought from the farmers market) into the strawberry patch to teach her that you only eat the ripe ones. Not the green ones. Not the half ripe ones. Not the leaves.┬áJust the big juicy red ones. Which, incidentally, are much easier to pull out (because, shhh, they aren’t attached!).

She got the idea pretty quickly. And then there were some left for me…

I picked these this morning after 20 minutes on my exercise bike and 15 minutes of abdominal exercises (ouch!). If you want to eat a lot, you have to move a lot. Sadly.

I toppled some macadamia muesli into a bowl, topped it with my favourite yoghurt right now (five:am honey and cinnamon) and threw in the tiny strawberries along with some new-season blueberries.

Usually I would add some walnuts and chia seeds, but I was so gung-ho that I forgot. I just closed my eyes and let every taste bud enjoy my home-grown babies, I mean, berries.

Yep, I could get used to this country living business.

How is your garden going?

Christie x
  • kate

    Things taste better from your garden, I agree! Good idea putting the ripe strawberries in the patch. My little one likes to eat our cherry tomatoes when they’re in season too!

    • Hi Kate, Oh I love cherry tomatoes! They will be my next endeavour :)

  • Gorgeous! I don’t have a home garden but I would love to when I have my own place. What a cute idea placing ripe strawberries in the patch for your little one to pick up, hehe.

    • Thanks Christine, You have to get creative when your freshly grown strawberries are being demolished!! :)

  • Clever mummy indeed! I just planted some snap peas, purple beans, lettuces, and purple carrots an hour ago. We can still get bad frosts here into October =( my horseradish plants survived winter and I actually thought of you and your wasabi plants, I haven’t been able to get them anywhere down here.
    Isn’t it satisfying to grow-your-own veggies/ fruit, and have Poppy gobble them down? :)

    • Wow, go you! Absolutely it is sooo satisfying! You can buy the wasabi plants online from Four Seasons Herbs – they post the little seedlings to you in some super cool packaging via Australia Post!

  • Aw! They look so pretty!

  • Judy

    Hubby and I spent late Sunday arvo picking cauliflower heads and the last of our snowpeas before ripping out the vines and feeding the cauliflower stalks to the chickens (its like chicken chocolate). We also got planting our seeds for our summer crop. Hoping we will have plenty of rocket, zucchini, turnips, spring onions, carrots, chillies, capsicum and beetroot. Compost bin is full and 2 bags of sheep poo are on the way to prep the soil in the next few weeks.
    Wasabi plants sound like fun! I might have to find them next. The problem is where to put them! Our vegie patch is slowly taking over our backyard!

    • That is all simply amazing! Love that cauliflower stalk are ‘chicken chocolate’ haha! I grow my wasabi in a pot – so I am sure you have room for one more of those!! :)

  • Nicole

    Congrats on growing your very own strawberries, I think they look fantastic!
    Here’s a fun fact: Strawberry leaves are anti-inflammatory and tone the skin.
    So while Poppy is rummaging around in the strawberry patch at least she’s getting a good facial.

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