My (live!) TV debut on Ten Breakfast20

Posted on February 24, 2012 by ChristieTV appearances

Did you catch my live TV debut this morning on channel 10’s new program Breakfast?

It was a tiny 5 minutes of air time and watching it back I’m cringing at how bossy I am! Wow! To be honest, I prefer to watch it with the sound off – but I’m sure my international readers will love to hear my Aussie accent!

Click here to view it.

The producers named me the ‘short cut cook’ which refers to my tiny stature (see screen shot above!) as well as the fact that I’m a busy Mum who loves to make quick and healthy family dishes.

It looks like I’ll be on again, fingers crossed, so I’ll try and give you a heads up next time. The show streams live on the web, but I think it’s just for Aussies at this stage.

Did you watch the video or see it live? Thoughts? (no nasty stuff please! Lol).

Christie x


  • Judy Spadavecchia

    Congratulations Christie! Looks like fun! :-D

  • You’re a cute and smiley little bossyboots, though you’d have to be with those 2 clowns ;) The dish looks scrumptious.Well done!

  • Well done Christie. At least one of the three people in the video was believable…

  • Dillon

    So pro, well done Christie!

  • How exciting indeed! I hope it becomes a regular feature! :)

  • Just watched your link, what is it with men and barbies? They just have to keep mucking about and turning things!
    You did great, its amazing you could think at all with the banter in the background!

  • Rah

    Christie, you did SO well! So well they should have you back :)

  • Well done girl! And you weren’t bossy at all, those boys needed to be bossed around! xxx

  • You did so well considering that Paul Henry was in your ear the whole time!

  • you did very well considering Andrew and Paul were all over the place. I don’t think they’ve ever cooked a thing in their life the way they were behaving :-)

  • OMG OMG OMG wow you were on TV~ Damn I can’t watch it while i’m in HK but that’s great!!!

  • Woo hoo! Congratulations Christie! That def is you alright! Hope to see more of you!

  • Sue Dodd

    Nice job Christie, that was hardwork. I am sure you will have them eating out of your hands.

  • Well done Christie. It must have been so hard to concentrate with those two boys interrupting you! You’re a star!

  • Clare

    You are a superstar!!!!!!

  • Well done Christie amongst all the distraction!! You sounded great and someone had to be in charge that’s for sure.

  • kate d

    Go Crit! How exciting.

  • Well done Chris, I’m sorry I missed it! awesome to see a great food blogger get some limelight!

  • Ugh! it says i can’t view the video from my location! congratulations on the tv spot.

    by the way, i am phasing out folie a deux for this new food & family blog :) hope to see you there :)

  • Louise

    Great work. You’re such a natural and the way you handled the one with the glasses and got on with the job was awesome! I would have been terrified but you didn’t seem nervous at all. Woo Woo!

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