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Posted on May 28, 2013 by ChristieNorthern Rivers Stories

I bought three exciting things on the weekend; 20kg of organic flour, a barrel to store it in and a butter dish for REAL butter to soften at room temperature on my kitchen bench.


Because I have stopped buying bread. I now make my own. Excitement!

It’s not just any old bread either. It’s NO KNEAD homemade bread from scratch. No machine, no kneading, no fuss. Seriously.

Tomorrow I will reveal the recipe (update: here it is) and treat you to a step by step photo tutorial on how to make this awesome bread. It takes no time to put together and there’s a seriously clever trick to baking it that I can’t wait to share.

Oh, you might be wondering where I got that sack of flour and barrel? If so, the answer is the Bulk Foods Store in Lismore. That place is like a candy shop for me.

Big tubs of grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, cacao, agave, tahini, honey and more. You simply fill up your containers or bags and then get them weighed. No excess packaging, low co-op prices and a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

They sold the barrel to me at cost price for $40 and the 20kg sack of organic unbleached white plain flour for $63.95 (20% discount from $79.95 because I bought the bag unopened).

I’m not exactly sure how many loaves I will get out of it, but approximately 60-70, I think. I’ve started counting, so will have to update you later. If you consider buying a fancy loaf at a bakery costs around $8 (and the expensive supermarket loaves are around $6) then that’s a lot of saved money! And no crap in my bread.

Since I’ve made around 4 loaves already I have been only eating real butter with it. Only seems fair, right? So I bought myself a butter dish for the kitchen bench to keep it nice and spreadable. $13 worth of pure happiness.

My favourite at the moment from the supermarket is Harmonie Organic, but I have been hunting around for a local butter. If anyone knows of a dairy in the Northern Rivers who makes butter – hook me up! If I was in Sydney it would be Pepe Saya all the way, but hey, my city living days are over.

Woud you consider making your own bread if it was really, really easy? See you here tomorrow for the bread making tutorial!

Christie x
  • I’m looking forward to reading your super easy bread making tutorial. I love fresh bread.

  • Awesome! Go you :-) I make all our bread from scratch as store-bought gluten-free bread is just meh. Love your butter dish too, I was just eyeing one up at the op-shop on the weekend (not nearly as cool looking as yours though!). An actual butter dish sure would beat my little lidded plastic container. xx

    • Agree that homemade GF bread is much nicer (and less sugar and eggs!!!). I was getting so sick of the site of my little dish covered in crappy clingfilm that I thought I would treat myself. Should have gone to the op shop though – would have got a much cooler one, good idea! :)

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Great purchases! And I love bread making too :) It’s very satisfying not to mention delicious!

  • Gourmanda

    YES – K and I have been making our own bread, ever since we got a breadmaker for Christmas. It’s so much better for you, because you’re actually in control of what goes into the loaf, and you know it’s generally (relatively) healthy!

  • milkteaxx

    ive recently hopped onto the no knead bread bandwagon too! its amazing so so simple!
    i’ve been buying baker’s flour from my local supermarket and it is $10 for 5 kg, though not organic.

  • InTolerant Chef

    So exciting Christie! Happy baking :)

  • I’m envious but how do you keep the little buggies out of that much flour? I couldn’t use it fast enough I don’t think.

  • Melissa Loh

    I tried googling Bulk Foods Store in Lismore, but got
    Pacific Bulk Foods instead. Is that the same place?

    • HI Melissa,
      Yes, sorry. Pacific Bulk Foods: 1/119 Magellan St Lismore NSW 2480.

      Enjoy! Christie :)

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