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Posted on February 23, 2010 by ChristieCompetitions


05/03/10 UPDATE: Winners announced!

A big thank you to everyone for entering this competition, it was extremely hard to choose because there were so many good entries!

Congratulations to these creative winners:

  • Lena A (I love poems!)
  • Rhonda Taylor (You had me at ‘Longrain ago’, very clever.)
  • Natalie (Great idea to make a little recipe from the names, love it!)

Please expect a confirmation email from me soon so I can get your address to post you the tickets.


Win one of 3 x Double Passes to the Taste of Sydney Festival!

It’s that time of year again and it’s come around so quickly! Do you remember when I attended the Taste Of Sydney Festival 2009? I had a blast and I’m set to hang out in the VIP room this year with my mate Lorraine (which is very exciting!).

Don’t worry, I’ve got something for you too – 3 Double Passes to be exact!

What You Win:

Two standard passes worth $27.50 each – that’s $55 worth, woo hoo!

Competition Rules:

  1. Leave a comment on this post using at least two of the restaurant names that are featured at the festival (Click here for a list, if you’re stuck).
  2. Example: My friend Guillaume likes to catch Flying Fish while standing under a Marque. He’s quite crazy.

    The most creative entry will win!

  3. Make sure you put your email in the correct field when leaving a comment. This will not be shown publicly, but it will allow me to let you know if you win.
  4. Entries close at midnight (Australian Eastern Standard time) on March 4th 2010.
  5. You can enter as many times as you like.
  6. Please only enter if you can make it to Sydney, Australia for the Festival on March 11th! Sorry, I’m not paying for airfares :)

Note: Some people have already emailed me to ask for tickets – even before I knew I had them to giveaway, spooky! Sorry guys, I can only accept entries as comments on this post.

A big thank you to the lovely folks at Stellar* Concepts Australia for providing the tickets for this giveaway (thanks especially to Renee!).

Want another chance to win a ticket? Check out my friend Lorraine’s blog Not Quite Nigella and enter her competition too. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Best of luck, Christie x

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  • Guillame likes to sing Arias about Bird Cow Fish whilst reading posts on ‘The Fig and Cherry’ about cooking a Flying Fish.

    Hahaha great competition. This was harder than I originally thought. I clearly have no skills with the English language.

  • I’m out of the running of course but I can’t wait to hang out with you darling! :)

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  • I’d love to win tickets Becasse the thought of tasting Assiettes of such amazing food would Etch a Longrain of pleasure on my taste buds and make me sing Arias of satisfaction to Marque the occasion as I’m sure I’d have a Whale of a time.
    Danks very much for the opportunity and good luck to every other Bird Cow Fish that enters too :-)

  • I’ve got an Etch to scratch Becasse I want to eat Bird, Cow, Fish to Marque the occasion of the Taste of Sydney Event.

  • Marque my words Jonah, becasse there are so many beaches up north, freshwater, whale beach to name a few, it would be loco to suggest you would eat bird or cow when there is access to such fresh flying fish.

  • Jacqui Lagaluga

    I saw my friend near Jonah’s at Whale Beach .He had just popped up from Danks Street Depot.I’ve got Four in Hand he said but I’m not really sure not sure if they are a Bird ,Cow or Fish he went on ,pointing to some plastic animals he held in his hand.Just have a Rest Balzac I said Becasse you have travelled a long way. Just sit under the Marque I suggested , it’s a hot day just sit there and Etch as we don’t want you to go El Toro Loco. I think the sun must have gotten to you.
    I met Guillaume at Bennelong I told my friend he had been to Pilu at Freshwater where he entertained by singing an Aria from a famous opera and later we went off to the Longrain Restaurant and Bar where we had a smashing time! Assiette was there also and when we were through drinking we packed up and went across town to the Flying Fish Restaurant.

  • Marque your calendars! I’ve got a Bird, Cow, Fish… nay, Flying Fish Etch’ed on Whale Beach Becasse of the Berowra Waters Inn my Restaurant. Balzac already has seen it, and Guillaume picked up Four In Hand to leave at Jonah’s for research.

    Oh man I thought I had a shoe in but then everyone’s doing amazing!

    Good luck to all.

  • Christie, I am Etch-ing to go to a taste of Sydney..I feel it deep in my Balzac.

    lol that was cheeky & a little gross I know. (particularly because I am a lady) But I would seriously love to go!

  • Anita T

    I love food, but lack knowledge, proven whilst dining at Pilu at Freshwater, when my lovely boyfriend ordered me a surprise dish, the waiter said, “Flying fish” as he brought the plate to the table, which he placed infront of me, which I paused and admired and thought to myself oh my, is this Bird, Cow, Fish ?

  • Lena A

    There once was a Bird Cow Fish,
    who ate every single Longrain dish.
    He sat under a Marque Becasse it was sunny,
    with beers Four in Hand and runny,
    the afternoon was totally delish!

    This is much harder than it looks!

  • I want to try out the Becasse and Etch places. I hear the will get your taste buds flaring, I love the Sydney taste festival I posted pictures of last years event up on knowyour I can’t wait. Is there anythign specific that people are looking forward to at the festival?

  • Thanks for all the entries guys! Keep ’em coming, only 3 days left to enter!! Christie x

  • Rhonda Taylor

    Longrain ago in a place far away a quest began to find the finest food in the land. There were four in hand for the challenge: Becasse a valiant knight, Etch his loyal friend, Aria the delicious and Guillaume the flying fish. The four set out from Pilu at Freshwater being mindful of el Toro Loco who could spoil all their plans.

    At Danks Street they found a clue where the finest cuisine might be found – Bird Cow Fish it read. They hastened to Berowra Waters Inn where they could seek shelter and ask the wise Balzac what it all could mean. “Assiette” shouted Balzac you must travel to Whale Beach and locate a young man inside a whale.

    As they approached they saw a very strange animal made up of Bird Cow Fish they knew they were on the right path and el Toro Loco was near. They approached the whale and asked for the boy inside; they offered a trade of the Bird Cow Fish and the whale surrendered his prisoner and gobbled the prize. Jonah’s smile said it all and he led them through a beautiful city to the Centennial Parklands where in a special marque they found the finest and most delicious food in all the land. And they all lived happily ever after the Taste of Sydney.

  • Mazzy

    Hi Christie – I need to go to Taste becasse I am a foodie fanatic and I am etch-ing to get under the marque with all you toco locos!

  • Natalie

    BECASSE I can’t pass up a chocolate souffle, I will need to go to PLAN B regarding my diet and exercise like a FLYING FISH. MARQUE my word the cured ocean trout with coleslaw, lemon and dill jelly will have me singing an ARIA.

  • Natalie

    GUILLIAME will give you ETCH, top MARQUE if you can carry dishes FOUR IN HAND and find a sunny spot to sit on your ASSiette.

  • Sandie

    This LONG RAINy day spent under a MARQUE is driving me completely LOCO. If only I had a PLAN B with Benicio dEL TORO..!

    (Had the wrong Del Toro!)

  • Yu

    A flying fish would surely not be tasty as a bird cow fish.

  • Jane

    BECASSE of the LONG RAINy day, my friend JONAH who had been ETCHing to go to WHALE BEACH to see some BIRD COW and FISH, had to resort to PLAN B – catch some FRESHWATER FLYING FISH. DANKS to his reMARQUEble skills, he managed to grabbed FOUR IN HAND. With some WATER’S INN DE POT, he cooked them straight away. And with a dash of BALZAmiC vinegar, his TORO dish made everyone go “ARIA!”

  • Natalie

    Take some Longrain rice and cook in Flying Fish stock. Chargrill some marinated Bird Cow Fish. Place rice on plate, top with meat and Marque my words, your taste buds will be singing an Aria

  • Melanie

    Please pick me! I’m not creative enough to write a sentence, but I really want to win.

  • steph j

    here’s my attempt with minutes to spare

    he called me his assiette bacasse i was the eating the longrains from his hand, little did he know that i was not just and bird fish cow but that the el toro loco in me was ready to break free and make a marque in his Restaurant.

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