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Posted on November 7, 2012 by ChristieCompetitions

Update 15/11/2012. This competition is now closed. Congrats to Karina W.

Oysters, for me, are the very epitome of Summer.

I close my eyes when I swallow them, because the taste instantly transports my mind to a white sandy beach with big crashing waves and the strong smell of salt. There’s a Gin & Tonic in my hand – with a freshly peeled lychee floating about in there, you know, just to add a tropical note. And, of course, my body looks perfect in a polka dot bikini! (May as well go for it, it’s a daydream after all).

Does this happen to you? Do oysters float your boat?

If so, I have a great giveaway coming up on Friday that’s perfect for you.

As always, it’s exclusively for newsletter subscribers only so if you aren’t a subscriber, quick, join up! Just pop your name and email into the form there in the sidebar —->

What Do I Win?

WHAT: 2 tickets to the OYSTERS AT THE HOUSE event (worth $35 each). Overlook Sydney Harbour as you enjoy the finest Pacific, Sydney Rock and highly prized Angasi oysters with a glass of wine.

AND 2 tickets to the Master Class (worth $25 each) hosted by Lyndey Milan, Simon Marnie and John Susman. $120 total value!

WHEN: Sunday 18th November 2012, 12noon-6pm

WHERE: OPERA KITCHEN Lower Concourse, Sydney Opera House

How Do I Enter?

  1. Make sure you are a newsletter subscriber.
  2. Check your inbox on Friday morning for the newsletter. It will have the competition question to answer.
  3. Click the link in the newsletter and leave a comment with your answer!
  4. Cross your fingers :)

Best of luck!

Christie x

This competition is proudly sponsored by Opera Kitchen via Drysdale Communications.

  • What a lovely day dream indeed Christie! I prefer a strip of cucumber in my Gin and Tonic ( especially in my favourite Hendricks Gin), but each to his own I guess :)

    • Will have to try the strip of cucumber!

  • Adriene

    I like to eat them fresh right there as I pick them from among the rocks by the sealine. Can’t improve on what nature intended.

  • Ooooh I used to HATE oysters mostly for their texture but now I LOVE them! I do love them natural but otherwise I’ll sneak a cheeky teaspoon of vinegarette ;)
    Actually I had some recently at Flying Fish and when I closed my eyes to eat them, they tasted like Gerringong lol. I used to go there a lot as a child and the salty sea taste took me right back there. I just love that food can do that :)

  • Karina Wong

    Steamed with ginger, shallots and oyster sauce!

  • Simple answer, No Mucking About!

  • Karen

    Head down the coast, Grab some of the freshest oysters around, a drink or two and eat by the beach. No garnish required. Heavenly.

  • Krissy

    Bloody Mary Oysters shots definitely hit the spot

  • Sheridan

    I like to keep it simple – just a squeeze of fresh lemon and a speck of white pepper. Can’t beat it!

  • Georgina

    Anyway I can get them – love them

  • Terence

    I like them half-cooked in an oyster omelet prepared with scallions, potato flour batter and soy sauce, then served steaming hot with a side of fresh chilly sauce. Delicious!

  • Eevi

    Fresh & local please ! plump, delicious, cool & tasting of the summer ocean, a wedge of lemon, a sprinkle of black caviar. heaven!

  • Sally

    Straight off the rocks with the salt spray still clinging to their shell!

  • Helena

    Naturale oysters with a guava vinegar, chives and salmon caviar dressing is the freshest combination and tastes absolutely divine!

  • Love oysters, especially Sydney rocks, natural with just a squeeze of lemon (I used to only eat them kilpatrick style!)

  • Cristina

    Hand feed by my partner of course!

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