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Posted on June 25, 2012 by ChristieCompetitions

Update 5/7/2012. This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Linda.

I am so excited to present Fig & Cherry’s biggest giveaway ever!

As always it is exclusively for my email newsletter subscribers only – so tell your friends and family to join! It’s really easy, simply enter your name and email in the fields over there on the right hand side under the Vitasoy banner and click sign up. Hurry, the newsletter will be sent out tomorrow morning with the secret competition question to answer.

What do I win?

Well, I’m glad you asked! One lucky Fig & Cherry reader will win a prize package worth more than $500. They will receive both of these:

  1. BIG4 Holiday Park two night accommodation package comprising of a cabin stay for two adults and up to two children at any BIG4 Holiday Park up to the value of $400.
  2. Sirena Tuna Hamper comprising of 4 x tuna rice bowls, 2 x Grant Burge Sparkling piccolos, 2 x Plumm champagne flutes and French market basket.

See that family in the picture above? That could be you! Relaxing by the ocean eating Sirena Tuna and drinking sparkling wine. Sigh.

Can you believe this picture above is actually what the master bedroom looks like inside the luxury cabins? Seriously, it’s the best camping you will ever do! I know for sure, because I experienced it last month, read all about it here.

No matter where you live in Australia there is bound to be a BIG4 Holiday Park near you. They have more than 180 destinations and are set in gorgeous locations nearby beaches, lakes, national parks and even in city centres.

Side note: If glamourous camping is called ‘Glamping’, what would city camping be called? ‘Cimping’? Hmm, never mind.

Wondering about the foodie bit? See picture above. The new Sirena Tuna and Rice Bowls are shelf stable so are great for camping, picnic-ing and lunches for work. They’re nice on their own, but I do like a bit of freshness at lunch so I mix them with crispy salad leaves or baby spinach – a very yummy way to grab some omega 3s!

Keep an eye on your inbox for the competition question in the email newsletter tomorrow morning. Best of luck guys!

Christie x

This competition is proudly sponsored by BIG4 Holiday Parks and Sirena Tuna via The PR Edge (with special thanks to Lauren!).

  • karen antrim

    looks like wonderful place to stay….and has the bonus of being able to cook inside..not that I dont like the camp fire experience….but sometimes a little luxury is welcome.

    • Cook your own meals. In such a beautiful setting, who wouldn’t want to create their own cuisine ambience?

  • Visit local markets and shops selling local produce, or go to the restaurants with the most locals in them – enjoy what they eat and grow.

  • karen

    Book in to a Big4 cabin and take cornflour, soy, oil, spice and rice and you can cook up storm witht the local produce.

  • Quentin

    Sirena Tuna and salad would definitely be part of my plan to eat healthily on holidays. We definitely eat lighter, fresher foods on holiday…

  • Tracy Grayson

    Pre-cook meals, freeze, take microwave.

  • I always have a stash of fruit so that I can much in something like a portable banana on ehe go

  • With 5 kids to feed, we always book a self contained cabin with a kitchen and take the basics such as bread, milk, breakfast cereals etc…with us, and then splash out on more gourmet ingredients from local markets or delis to cook up something special for dinners!

  • I’ve never been to a Big4 so this would be a nifty experience. I’m already a newsletter subscriber – I don’t join again, right? :)

  • Kim

    We love a good cabin in a caravan park & have been Big 4 members for a few years. Our aim is to eat out 50% of the time & eat in the rest. We just make sure to take pantry basics & staples for some family faves & utilise the onsite BBQ’s.

  • Cristina

    Forget the takeaway or bad buffet
    Grab a fishing line a mermaid you may find
    Let your angling skills shine
    Don’t forget a glass of wine

  • Karina W

    Go for walks – great for sightseeing and burning those excess kilojoules.

  • Sandy

    Sirena does holiday with us, in fact, making life simply and tasty! Add local market vegetables and spice packets, and we are set!

  • We always take the staples with us but go to local fresh air markets for the “real deal” when camping!! Also a little local wine is a must!

  • Catherine Wilbers

    Best thing to do is visit the local market or deli grab lots of meats, cheeses and dips with a loaf of bread and pick all day no worrying about cooking ;)

  • aileen

    Sirena Tuna Pasta is easy and fast
    To cook while on holidays, even left overs won’t last

  • cheryl haining

    Eat simply, fresh fruit and salads, Sirena Tuna and chesses for protein, BBQ’s and occaisional Chinese takeaway or Pub meal keeps holidays fun and healthy

  • Sonya N.

    I love camping with lots of fresh bakery supplies… always gotta stock up at the bakery before the Big Camping Weekend!

  • Sonya N.

    I love camping with lots of fresh bakery supplies… always gotta stock up at the bakery before the Big Camping Weekend!

  • Linda Courtney

    Pre cooking meals is great for saving time on holiday and makes sure we’re not missing out. We also take fruit. Quick, easy and healthy.

  • Belinda Bonello

    Boil the water before you drink it and eat fruit that can be peeled.

  • Tamara Bell

    Meal planning…for variety, freshness, and takes the hassle out of eating while on holiday. Planning a takeout night too helps :-)

  • Nuta

    It can be sooo hard eating well when travelling because I never have the budget to extend to really healthy eating! (I am thinking America here) So I exist on burgers and buy fruit and vege from the supermarket to get some proper nutrition!

  • Eating well on holidays is a combination of the odd guilty pleasure, and packing my usual ’emergency’ InTolerance rations :)

  • Eating well for me on holiday means eating out… no washing up is what holidays are all about. But these days I make a big effort to make good choices when I’m out, most of the time. Learning to eat out without pigging out!!

  • Karen

    I head for the local farmers’ markets and fruit stalls to grab the freshest vegies and fruit I can find. Next I hit the local delis and stock pile enought lean proteins to see me through = then it’s H O L I D A Y time!!!

  • pat

    eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegies and and take time out with a walk eac h day

  • Sue

    Leave your scales at home and just bring fruit and veg and your tinned fish!

  • Kara

    If you are holidaying right you wont be eating from boredom. Its about quality not quantity on holidays. Make it special. You want to feel your best when you are spoiling yourself so make sure you are eating the best. Pick local regional produce to try. It will make your trip even more special finding out about the way things are grown and produced in different areas. Nothing better than getting it straight from the farm and indulge.. just in the right way!

  • Tess Howard

    I always suss out local markets or farmers stands. There are also often wonderful local businesses who produce cheeses or sauces with locally grown items. We think of it as a bit of a treasure hunt, and have found some WONDERFUL healthy products we then use at home as well.

  • mandy daviesm

    We try to have a light meal each day, fresh local produce,Sirena tuna on bickies or fresh rolls. I find it pretty easy to stick to this, lets face it, who wants to cook on holidays and haow much takeaway can you stomach!!

  • We bake treats before leaving and take them in containers with us. We find great bakeries and enjoy fresh bread with fabulous local produce.

  • Joanna H.

    My hot tip is never have a breakfast buffet included in your stay; it encourages over eating as you try to get your money’s worth :)

  • tuna is top of the pops in our house and a firm favourite by all.

  • Jacqui Lagaluga

    Plan ahead and pack healthy non perishables and supplement with fresh local produce!

  • Deb K

    Take a home-cooked meal
    For the very first dinner
    And then eat fresh and simply
    For the rest of the holiday – winner!

  • Julie Krause

    Love 2 stay there and try all the local food and wine Mmmmmm

  • Kay Gerritsen – Blaney

    Keep it simple! You are on holiday too. Why waste precious time stuck in the kitchen?

  • Kaz Reimann

    Pack an eskie with zip lock bagged food like pre-cut and portioned veges, frozen meats, and meals like spag bog… helps your holiday budget too!

  • Good luck to everyone! :)

  • Biljana L

    Stock up on healthy, non-perishable foods including fruit, nuts, canned soup, tuna and chicken and oxidant rich red wine and organic, natural chocolate!

  • Deb H

    Remind yourself that there is no shortage of food, and eat in moderation!

  • I find a little forward planning works wonders – knowing itinerary, packing healthy snacks for outings and carrying water bottles with us.

  • Laura Jilka

    We take plastic bowls and have cereal for breakfast – fatty hotel buffets for us. Muesli bars for snacks, instead of ice creams and chocolates each day.

  • Judy

    I cheat and cook as much as possible before we leave home. Fill all the biscuit tins, bake slices and cakes that will keep. Freeze easy heat meals that just leaves the fresh vegies or salads too add. We buy these from roadside stalls, fresh, local and cheap.
    After travelling long hours make sure that you stop early enough to get organised then go for a long walk before “plonk – a – clock” . Relax and chat with fellow travellers you would be suprised at what can be learnt on the road!!


    Holidays = convenience and ease when it comes to meals. No cooking for this mummy whilst on hols!!

  • Miranda

    You cannot go past tins of Sirena Tuna for quick and simple meals, in sandwiches, fritattas, pasta dishes, salad dish with legumes. Options are endless.

  • Laura C

    Visit local farmers markets. Fresh fruit and other local produce will not only satisfy your hunger and taste buds, but it supports the community also.

  • Chris A

    Try not too eat too much fatty oily foods when on holidays as having a bloated stomach will slow you down on your fun activities.

  • Shelley

    Pack that one essential item that will always fit in your suitcase and will help avoid ‘excess baggage’ on the way home! The ‘food pyramid’!

  • Renee Annison

    keep it aussie and have a barbie :)

  • Marilyn

    Eat where the locals eat. Ask when you are out and about where their favorite eatery is. Try the local specialties.

  • Rebecca

    Self-contained cottages in Big 4 caravan parks are definitely the way to go. Buy food at local supermarkets and cook your own – save yourself a a bundle and much healthier than fast food / restaurant options.

  • Kelly Horne

    I think you’re on holidays so enjoy it but aim to always have atleast one healthy meal, I aim for breakfast

  • Pippa

    Buy fresh local market produce and meat from the local butcher and cook up a storm on the Barbie. Chargrilled veggies and kebabs. It’s a healthy, delicious way of eating even the kids love!

  • Rachael

    Stay somewhere that has cooking facilities so you aren’t eating out all the time. Involve the kids were possible! They will love it :)

  • kerrie

    Eating a hearty healthy breakfast every morning gives us a great start for our active days when we are away. So we take along baked beans, tins of tuna and noodles. Then buy everything else locally like bread, juice, fruit, eggs and salads at their local shops or markets.

  • Anna P

    Plan and be organised!
    Know what you’re going to be eating in advance
    and ensure you have all the ingredients.
    Saves money too!:)

  • Sonia Olden, New value

    A trip to the fruit and Veg, the deli and the bakery and we are good to go!

  • sam

    I invite my greek mother-in-law – the result is blissful days of eating and drinking retsina which definitely plays my ‘tuna’.

  • Sharon Fawcett

    Take along your own breakfast ingredients, not only is it a lot cheaper its much healthier than grabbing breakfast at McDonalds.

  • Nicola James

    I always do a little research before we go away, discover the local specialities, find the tastiest cafes and restaurants, pack the staples for breakfast then go and have fun!

  • Leanne

    I seem to eat better camping barbrqueing up meat at a big4 park catching fish and crabs, fruit and vegies from the road side markets..all fresh and healthy

  • Faye B

    Remember always that YOU are on holiday too! Keep it simple but healthy and stress free by bringing along a few ‘stand by’ meals. Sirena tuna works for me!

  • Ann

    When eating out, pick the more healthy options on the menu. Snack on fruit instead of junky stuff. When you want to splurge restrict it to just once a day, at the most. Take lots of water with you when out and about so you keep hydrated and this fills you up as well. Balance your eating with lots of activities like hikes and playing. I like climbing things (if I see a bell tower I have to go up) so I usually lose weight even though I eat more than I do back home.

  • Lani

    Visit local Growers Markets, try new things, avoid junk food, eat fresh. eat al fresco, and savour the good times…….xxx

  • Tracy Boulter

    Buy fresh produce from the local markets and when dining out opt for an entree and salad in place of a main meal.

  • Anna

    “Got no spring?..I say Zest it up with Sirena Tuna
    A honest way to eat healthy and tasty too!”

  • Veronica Morrell

    Take a couple of basics on your trip but enjoy local produce on offer for a gourmet experience to remember!

  • Lisa Clark

    Have a big breaky, take snacks nuts and dried fruit away and enjoy a main meal of your choice what are holiday for but to enjoy.

  • Jacqui

    Book an appointment with the local hairdresser and casually ask about great eats. I GUARANTEE they’ll know everything and won’t draw breath…perfect :)

  • Becky S

    Plan ahead, dont leave yourself hungry when out and about to run into ice cream vans, take healthy snacks with you.

  • Lisa Chawner

    Eat out, but make wise choices. Make lots of fresh food-fruit salads, kebabs on the bbq, tossed salads, yummy snacks ;-) keep them fueled & happy & relaxed!

  • Di

    Try & catch some fish while on holidays, & enjoy that just cooked fresh taste!

  • karen

    Armed with fruits, nuts, crackers and cheese,
    Feeding the family on holiday is a breeze.

  • carly rogan

    We love the Big4 in Dongara,
    Hubby goes fishing for fresh fish for us,
    With such a large family we like to eat,
    Loads of fresh fruit, vege and meat,
    Usually we will bring it along
    And eat out at the pub once for laughs and a song

  • Melissa Wilkes

    I like to take the basics like a favourite sauce or salt and pepper, but it is a holiday so I like to try anything local…mmm yum!

  • JanelleM

    We always stock up on healthy snacks for the kids as they never stop eating when we are away. I do research before we go to find a great local ‘kid friendly’ restaurant. It’s always nice to treat yourself to make sure your holiday actually feels like a holiday,

  • Amanda

    Healthy digestible food so you don’t suffer from stomach aches on holiday.

  • Crystal McFarlane

    get somewhere with a kitchenette so you can cook your own delicious fishy meals whilst enjoying the oceanside

  • Lesley

    Organisation is the key to a great holiday. Have food chopped and in individual containers and ready to go for a super quick meal.

  • Cecilia Bell

    I’ll sing a little tuna
    to tell you what to do
    take a Big can or 4
    with you out the door
    when heading away
    on your holiday,
    with some fresh veg too
    and seasonings to use
    you will feel so Sirena..

  • Cecilia Bell

    I’ll sing a little tuna
    take a Big can or 4
    out the door
    when heading away
    on holiday,
    you’ll feel so Serena..

  • KirstenW

    You’re on holiday. Just relax and enjoy yourself and for once stop worrying about whether what you’re eating is ok. Life is too short!

  • Lorraine

    Tins of Sirena tuna are always a good stock up for holiday lunches,i buy freash bread and make a nice salad with it.

  • Belinda Fletcher

    Go out for meals, but pack the snacks – that’s where the prices seem to add up and the unhealthy options are easier to grab!

  • Jean Rutherford

    Sirena with salad
    Sirena and pasta
    Simply so easy
    Tasty, Hearty and Healthy!

  • Sally

    We are in the middle of a family road trip right now! The cool wind is blowing off the Southern Ocean as I walk around outside our lighthousekeeper’s cottage trying to hang on to my Internet access!

    We make sure we prepare 2 meals each day the old fashioned way…and allow one for local treats. Our treats tonight are Barbecued baby abalone and Kangaroo Island lamb chops with salad.

    If you FINE TUNA your eating habits to your exercise you will come home healthier than you left!

  • Victoria Farris

    Big4 is the only one, so come on down, guys, swags and all, cause this weekend where gonna chill, bring out the tuna, bubbles,and fun

  • Leah Staker

    Fast, simple, healthy meals. Salad rolls, tune and pasta, as long as it can cook or be made in under 30 minutes!

  • Lisa

    Resist eating out – instead go self-catering accommodation. Shop at fresh section of supermarket. Cheaper + healthy. I’ve lost 37kgs whilst traveling for work this way.

  • Vija

    Eat less, eat fresh and enjoy the local offerings

  • Sue

    Go fishing, have bbqs with salad, n plenty of fruit for snax.
    Chocolate too!

  • Heather Bubeck

    When we go on holidays we love to stay in Big4 Caravan Parks the facilities are always excellent on the way we stop and buy fresh fruit and vegetables tinned tuna and bread from the hot bread shop that is all you need for a perfect and happy healthy holiday

  • Samantha W

    Holiday + someone else cooking = bliss, so I supply hubby with my Big 4 – Sirena tuna, crusty bread, crisp salad and tangy aioli.

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