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Posted on June 2, 2010 by ChristieCompetitions

UPDATE: This competition is now closed.

The only thing is – I’ll be there too. Still want to win? Haha!

Alio Restaurant is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this June and Head Chef and owner Ashley Hughes is hosting a limited number of pasta-making masterclasses – which you could be lucky enough to attend.

I’ve been given two places, and instead of taking one of my mates, I’d like to take one of you – my lovely readers!

During the class we’ll get to watch Ashley make two of his signature dishes and then we’ll get to make two different types of pasta. Afterwards (this is the best part) we get to eat it all.

All you have to do is complete two simple tasks to enter…

How to enter

1. Join my email newsletter – that’s how I’ll notify the winner. Click here or the newsletter button above.

2. Leave a comment on this post, answering this question: What’s your favourite pasta shape and sauce combination?

I figure if we like the same kind of pasta, then we’ll get along on the day… weird theory, but let’s see how we go.

Details, details, details:

The class takes place on Saturday 26th June. Doors open at 9.30am for coffee at the bar, and then the pasta course begins at 10.00am. Lunch commences at 12.00pm after completion of the pasta class.

The winner will be announced on Thursday 17th June (that will give you just over a week to psych yourself up for the class!)

You have to make your own way to the class on the day – sorry I can’t afford to pay your bus (or plane) fare! *wink*

Best of luck! Christie x

  • Garganelli is my favourite pasta. This is probably because about 5 years ago, I visited a friend in Perugia and we went to a local trattoria. I had the most INCREDIBLE pasta dish I have ever eaten (and I lived in Italy for two years so no mean feat!).

    It consisted of garganelli pasta with sausage meat, porcini mushroom, truffle oil, garlic, pine nuts and cream. It was probably a heart attack on a plate but I still dream about it to this day.

    In fact I am salivating as I type!

  • My favourite pasta shape is pappardelle, preferably home made and a bit rough. My favourite sauce would be a slow cooked beef ragu. Please may I come with you?!

  • Like choosing a favourite child, but it has to be spaghetti vongole. Slippery spaghetti holds all these treats – garlic, parsley, chilli and those pretty clams. You slurp and you’re happy. It’s just so good. So Italian.

    Mangia bene!

  • I can’t go past orecchiette served simply with olive oil, lemon zest,bacon & peas or broccoli rabe. It looks so cute when the little peas settle into the pasta cups.

    I would love to learn to make it from scratch too because it is formed by hand not by machine.

  • Not an entry here but I had dinner here last night and it was really lovely. And to answer your question about how I fit it all in, restrained sampling my dear. There’s never a need for elastic pants :P

  • This is not an entry either (although I’d contemplate making my own way to Sydney for food) but I love answering these ‘what’s-your-favourite’ questions. It’s a bit like the game that goes ‘if-you-were-trapped-on-a desert-island-and-had-to-choose-only-10-food-items’ :)

    So here goes – not very original, even in this list of comments but it has to be broad ribboned fettucine (and even more specifically, Weichs Barossa Valley egg noodles) with beef ragu or other slow cooked meaty sauce like a really good bolognese.

  • i’ve never made pasta before so this would be great to do and learn from the masters. my knowledge in pasta is very limited so my favourite combination is spaghetti bolognese which is comfort food for me and brings back happy memories from childhood or spaghetti marinara because i’m a huge seafood fan. :-)

  • Hi Christie!
    I guess I’ll be seeing you at this master class :) I’m looking forward to the delicious food YUM!

  • Vita

    Best pasta dish I have ever had was an orecchiette with brocolli, anchovies and parmasan. I dont normally order pasta when I am out but this was simply sublime.

    Close second would be a thick, house made parpadelle with a rich duck or meaty ragu. Heavenly.

    Would love to come along and would love to meet you!

  • Ooh, easily spaghettini no.3 – the thinner the better. My favourite sauce is a mish mash one my bf created from my favourite flavours: mixed seafood puttanesca with slivers of preserved lemon. Yum – I’d eat a bucket load now!

  • Vivian Xie

    capellini (angel hair pasta) with lobster bisque – not a traditional pasta sauce, just thinking outside the box :)

  • Lisa

    Boring, but true. My favourite is linguine carbonara! Looking forward to receiving your newsletter.

  • Lauren

    Spaghettini in an anchovie butter sauce! One that my nonno would make regularly :) So yummy…

  • Charissa

    Pumpkin ravioli with a brown butter sauce. I just love the flavour of pumpkin :D

  • Ellen

    Pappardelle with LOTS of bolognese sauce on top…the perfect pasta dish to curl up in front of the television with on a cold winter’s day.

  • Ann

    Such a challenge…any fresh, home-made pasta and a good, versatile tomato sauce that can have fresh ingredients added to change the taste. I’ll have to try Alio!

  • eric

    Sheeps milk ricotta gnocchi w/ Duck Ragou…..i need to learn this.

  • It would be the lasagne verde that I make once a year with ragu and bechamel sauce.

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