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Posted on March 28, 2012 by ChristieCompetitions

Update 10/4/2012. This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Carly, Judith and Jacqui.

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If you haven’t yet checked out the gorgeous range from AURA by Tracey Ellis, then pop on over to their website, and I’ll chat to you tomorrow via email with the competition details.

ps. I’m going to be on TV again tomorrow morning. Tune into Ten Breakfast at around 8.10am to check me out!

Christie x
  • Narelle Rock

    Roasted vegetable lasagne, roasting capsicums, eggplant, zucchini and making my own bechamel sauce as well as home-made garlic bread, yum but messy!

  • Christine Williams

    Chilli Mussels.. If I don’t make a mess cooking and serving them, I will inevitably spill sauce on myself while I’m eating them..

  • Sarah Robertson

    My Nanna’s Cornish pasties – the most delicious and hearty pasties that leave the whole kitchen covered in mince and flour!

  • Carole Resnick

    Stuiffed shells. I get as much sauce, cheese and egg on me as I do in the pasta shells.

  • Carly S

    Every time I cook bolognese and reduce down the juicy sauce, dirty clothes are inevitable.

  • Gillian

    The messiest thing I cook is chocolate mousse – whipped cream, egg white and melted chocolate everywhere!

  • Karren

    Cooking in general does it for me, no matter what I cook I seem to spill something on me. The roast always has the fat spit on me, just like bacon. A good quality apron indeed I need.

  • mine is Battered fish ,i always get batter and flour all over me so a AURA apron would be great

  • Fiona

    Sticky caramel for my burnt caramel cake, it is my clothes worst enemy!

  • Eha

    Mixing that al dente homemade pasta with that very special herby-tomato sauce whilst both are hot: oh, yes: messy! New apron: pretty please!

  • cheryl edmundson

    Lamingtons I great covered in chocolate icing sugar very messy.

  • cheryl edmundson

    pumpkin scones I get covered in flour and the pumpkin stains my clothing

  • Haha, great question and great aprons! :) The messiest thing I cook and need an apron for is thai curry – lots of spattering oil!

  • terri denhof

    Cooking spaghetti with my nieces and nephews. With the oldest at 11 and
    the youngest at 5 not only are tomatoes and meat sauce all over me but them and the kitchen! What fun!

  • Karen

    Home-made stove-top gravy with red wine and herbs – soooooo good and sooooo messy! Well worth the clean-up for the incredible deliciousness!!!

  • What a cute contest. I need an apron to make bread. I’m really short and just under the boobage area gets covered in flour when I knead. (too much information?? lol)

  • Rosa Paris

    I cannot cook without mess !-goes hand in hand .Best mess is probably scone making -flour head to toe ! Wearing a gorgeous apron is a must -Zaps up my energy to produce something great ———-Always

  • Kathy

    I dread cleaning squids and can’t avoid getting squid ink on me and my clothes.

  • Hi Christie! Great competition. While I don’t mind the occasional splatter on my most used cookbooks, it’s annoying when I get splatters on my clothes. I wear an apron especially if I am making stovetop osso bucco. I am just five foot two inches tall and make this dish in a very deep, gorgeous, oval stainless steel roaster. Sometimes the sauce platters as I stir it and turn the meat. My mum always wore an apron!

  • Italian meringue is the messiest stickiest thing I cook, and always in huge quantities, the worst is when I get it in my hair!

  • Jacqui

    To be honest – its usually chocolate cake with my kids. By the time they “help” by adding in the ingredients, and taste test the mix there is more mess on me, them and the kitchen ….lots of fun in the kitchen :)

  • Jaime

    Definitely gnocchi. My 2 young kids help me (it’s just like rolling play dough!) and I get covered in flour & mashed potato from head to toe. My messy hand prints and theirs!

  • coastalkaryn

    Loving all these new spice rub and marinade recipes for my protein, but jeepers creepers those suckers spit like crazy when cooking!

  • Anna

    Angel Cake with candied flowers definately requires a chef with an Aura around them. Heavenly sweet and very sticky!

  • Karina W

    Frying chips in duck fat! it’s a mega oil firework!

  • The worse thing that I cook that requires an apron is scones. I seem to get it all over the bench as well as the floor – the dog is not fond of the flour, worse luck

  • Making brownies is messy. The kitchen gets covered in cocoa, flour, egg and batter! The result is totally worth the clean up. :-D

  • Deb

    Spag Bol – I always end up “spotted” :(

  • Rebecca

    Pitting cherries makes the biggest mess but I wouldn’t want to ruin this beautiful apron for that. I would wear it for the potato pancake party I have every year for Hanukkah!

  • No matter what I bake, the attention of my curious toddler means hands are all in for taste tests then “cuggles” for mummy! Sticky, messy child hands…. urgh…. aprons are essential!

  • Maria

    Pizza! Such a simple thing to make but I always end up with flour and sauce all over me.

  • Lucia

    If I had one of those aprons,I would cook and bake a lot more just so I could wear it,they are so stylish.

  • Belinda Bonello

    Italian pasta sauce, it has to simmer for 4 hours and it splatters everywhere!

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