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Posted on October 21, 2011 by ChristieCompetitions

Update 31/10/2011. This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Vija, Sandra and Intolerant Chef – you have each won a juice pack!

Today I’m announcing the final giveaway for my current sponsor Ocean Spray. Three lucky Fig & Cherry readers are going to win a prize pack with 7.5 litres of juice, yum!

This giveaway is exclusively for newsletter subscribers ONLY, so if you haven’t joined yet then please do so. The sign up form is just there in the sidebar on the right hand side. The competition newsletter will be send out this coming Monday 24th October, so you’ve got a few days to make sure you’re subscribed.

What do I win?

I’m so glad you asked! Each lucky winner will receive:

  • 1.5L Cranberry Classic
  • 1.5L Cranberry Light™
  • 1.5L Raspberry Cranberry
  • 1.5L Cranberry Blackcurrant
  • 1.5L Cranberry Pomegranate
  • 1 x Ocean Spray Apron

How do I win?

Simply leave a comment here answering the question in the email newsletter sent out on Monday 24th October.

Good luck everyone!

Christie x


  • sam

    I’m all for pleasure, so when my good health has stalled, I indulge myself and have them all!

    • Jeanette Barea

      I just love to drink Ocean Spray Cranberry juice, straight up mostly. I know its good for me and I love the taste..

    • Claudine

      Nude on ice …what else !

  • Carly

    Perfect chilled straight up or with a shot of vodka!

  • Gemma

    On the rocks with a splash of vodka!

  • Sharyn

    Straight up for Breakfast. I have IBS and Ocean Spray Cranberry juice has helped me so much. I feel Much Healthier and Regular :)

  • Ann

    I’m a connoisseur I sip, inhale, guzzle, swill, gulp, slurp, taste, quaff and then swallow Ocean Spray juices so I guess I love it always.

  • M

    Love the ocean spray cranberry it in the evenings with soda water and a quarter of lime … and if I’m feeling like a splurge I add a dash of vodka!

  • nick arganese

    When I mix Ocean Spray with some bubbly my wife gets frisky so I can have some rare moments of romantic play

  • Vija

    Straight Up. I love the tangy taste of Cranberry. Its health benefits are better than a pill.

  • Heather

    Don’t dilute goodness-for goodness sake! I only drink it full-strength-and more of it the better. It’s my elixir.

  • On the rocks, at breakfast time on hot days like these, essential to get the day off to a chilled start, especially if the day itself may prove rocky.

    The Raspberry Cranberry is the firm family favourite, though I tend to go for the light myself. There’s a drink to please for all ages, shapes and sizes in the family!

  • straight up i think its a much better benefit to you ,i love the cranberry the best,OCEAN SPRAY JUICES ARE THE BEST………

  • cheryl edmundson

    Cranberry and blackcurrant juice with lemonade and ice decorated with a slice of lemon delicious refreshment.

  • Gillian

    I drink it with vodka, which recalls my childhood, drinking raspberry and lemonade – only this modern combination has a punch that is very adult!

  • Fiona Pritchard

    Daily, I have 1/2 cranberry juice 1/2 mineral water for my health. Party time – I have the ‘Cosmo’ – base spirit (vodka), sweetener (Cointreau) and sour (lime juice), with a bit of cranberry juice thrown in.

  • Angie

    I just drink it neat, that’s the best way I like it!

  • Pauline

    Toasting the All Blacks fine win, there is no better way than to enjoy the success with Ocean Spray products. Both events ensure a happy time.

  • diluted with some lemonade too and straight up sometimes :D

  • Definitely in a cocktail…with vodka! :)

  • Sandra

    I have to watch my BG, so I drink my Ocean Spray Cranberry Lite,
    half and half with mineral water.
    Oh,and I really need a new apron! :-)

  • Belinda Bonello

    I love to drink it just like that. It’s so delicious!

  • With vodka and lots of ice on a HOT afternoon like this one.

  • jane

    i drink straight from fridge lovely and chilled with two ice cubes yum

  • Deb

    Cranberry, Blackcurrant, Vodka and a mint leaf! On the rocks, of course! Health drink of a nation!!

  • Cheryl Haining

    I love Chilled Ocean Spray straight, for special occaisions I make a jug of punch, Ocean Spray Cranberry, Soda Water, Frozen Mixed Berries, Mint, Lemon Juice and ice. A favorite with everyone. It looks very festive, especially at Christmas.

  • I like the juices straight up, but had an awesome cranberry,gin and lime sorbet at a restaurant the other day that I’m keen to make at home. Yumm!

  • josephine smith

    with cold ice or straight up!!yumm

  • Maria

    In a delicious cocktail “The Seabreeze”. Vodka, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, lots of ice and a squeeze of lime. Refreshing and oh so moreish.

  • cheryl

    I drink it with orange juice, very refreshing.

  • Sandy

    Chilled Ocean Spray Cranberry, Gin, fresh squeezed Orange juice: garnish with a maraschino Cherry, of course, and some mint leaves. You derserve to relax.

  • kari chambers

    i am a cocktail bartender so there for cocktails all the way!

  • Katie

    Usually with vodka and ice – sometimes I add lime. So refreshing!

  • Karina Wong

    Diluted in a mocktail, the healthier alternative for those who want to preserve their liver and stay healthy.

  • Raspberry Cranberry sounds yum yum to me!!!!

  • SJ

    Just chilled for breakfast. Goes great with a Farmhand Bowl from Farmer Boys. (a base of hash browns, then sauteed onions & zucchini & red bell pepper, and next some scrambled eggs and bacon and sausage, and finally, avocado slices on top)
    I’m afraid, breakfast has never been my specialty. So I either grab cereal or let someone else cook it up.

  • Rosie

    I can’t wait for christmas. Champagne breakfast with a dash of Pomegranate. MMMMM!!

  • Amanda Gorton

    A very berry or cranberry smoothie
    is my favourite way to start the day
    it gives me the stamina to
    work or play!

  • I LOVE to swirl a twist and a splash of fresh lemon over chilled Cranberry. It’s zingy, invigorating and fantastic for your health!

  • Straight up!

  • Karen

    I almost freeze the juice of a blood-red orange or a pink grapefruit til it’s grainy and really icy – then pour over chilled cranberry juice. Perfect for a balmy evening and super refreshing!

  • Erica Best

    I love mines with ice .

  • Dianne

    A splash of cranberry, a dash of orange juice and a swig of sparkling water, tall glass with a straw. Feet up. Perfect!

  • Tracy Boulter

    Straight up after all why change something that is perfect just the way it is.

  • Christine

    I adore ruby grapefruit juice. I use it on cereal in place of milk and when ruby grapefruits are in season I cut them up and put them on as well. Loads of anti oxidants there!!

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