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Posted on March 3, 2011 by ChristieCompetitions

UPDATE: Congratulations to GeorgieGirl! The Random Number Generator picked #24 and you were the 24th comment. Don’t eat all the chocolate at once!

It’s competition time again on Fig & Cherry!

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Cadbury Catch Up

Have you heard about the Cadbury Catch Up campaign? No? Then pay attention because it involves free chocolate.

Cadbury are trying to bring people back together – in person. Not on Facebook, or via text or chatting on Skype. But real face-to-face time sweetened with a block of chocolate.

Until the end of March, simply buy a specially marked block of Cadbury dairy milk, then enter the code on the Catch Up website and nominate your favourite person who will be sent a free 200g block. Cool, huh?

Before you go and do that though, I’ve got TEN x 200g blocks of chocolate to give one lucky winner – that’s a massive 2KG of chocolate. Can you work out how many glass-and-a-half’s of milk that is? When you do, try and convince yourself how healthy it is. Hehe.

My favourite Cadbury chocolate block as a kid was definitely SNACK. I used to love all the different flavours with strawberry being #1 and orange being my least favourite. Pineapple was good too. Oh, and coconut. OK, I can’t choose! Let’s get on with the comp…

How To Enter

Leave a comment on this post stating your favourite Cadbury chocolate block flavour. That’s it!

Bonus entries: Follow the Fig & Cherry Facebook page and/or Twitter account for an extra chance to win.

Terms & Conditions

  • Enter as many times as you like, but only one entry per day.
  • Winner will be chosen at random at the discretion of Fig & Cherry.
  • There will only be one winner who will receive the entire 2kg (10 x 200g blocks) of chocolate.
  • Entries close at midnight on Thursday 10th March 2011 (Australian Eastern Standard Time).
  • Winner will be announced on the Fig & Cherry Facebook page on 11th March 2011 and via personal email.
  • Competition is open to Aussie residents only, sorry, I can’t post food products internationally without a big headache.

A big thank you to the lovely Louise from Liquid Ideas for organising this fantastic prize.

Best of luck! Christie x

  • Judy Spadavecchia

    Rum and raisin. Mmmm… :-D

  • Gabby

    Room-temperature choc/hazelnut :D

  • Victoria

    Snack is my favourite too!

  • It was always peppermint as a kid.

  • Charissa

    I love the Crunchie blocks; mmmm honeycomb.

  • Mari

    Too hard too choose just one! We love them all…tonights pick….Dairy Milk bar of Plenty with Roast Hazlenut and Honey Roast Cashews!

  • Sally

    My favorite ever chocolate is simply plain Cadbury dairy milk……. I can smell it as I think of purple.

  • Snack was my favourite too! Turkish delight was my fave!

  • Stuart Cooper

    My favourite when I was a kid was called “Five Boys”. Those were the days. My favourite now is Turkish Delight.

  • rebecca


  • Jo Anne

    Just plain old Cadbury Dairy Milk – gotta love it….!

  • Hi everyone,

    There has already such great entries!

    We’re not only excited to hear about your favourite Cadbury Dairy Milk flavours but also about your catch ups. Check out our Facebook page to pledge a catch up or just have a chat:

    Best of luck everyone!


    The Team at Cadbury Dairy Milk Australia

  • I like the Old Gold Jamacia, yummo!

  • My favourite flavour is Top Deck, the best of 2 worlds

  • Peter

    I love Cadbury Dream white chocolate

  • Gail

    Black Forest block is beautiful with it’s Chocolate Cherry and biscuit combo

  • Elizabeth

    I love anything Cadbury – I guess if I had to choose just one it would be Top Deck which has been kept in the freezer – yum!

  • My favorite Cadbury block is Caramello – smooth flowing caramel is pretty hard to resist.

  • I’ll go with the Crunchie block. So sweet it hurts. :P

  • Elizabeth

    Tiramasu – because the flavour is so rich it lasts longer! (meaning it isn’t immediately demolished like any other choccie my eyes set their sight on!)

  • Jan

    Cadbury’s slogan is no longer “glass and a half of milk”. If you taste the chocolate now you will see it is no longer milky. Slogan is now “glass and a half of creaminess”. Who knows how that creaminess is achieved. Possibly the same poisonous substance they used in baby formula in China to create “creaminess”.

    • Hi Jan,

      The Team at Cadbury Dairy Milk Australia would like me to let you know Cadbury Dairy Milk still definitely contains a glass and a half of pure full cream milk in every 200g block. They used the slogan “smooth and creamy” on their 2010 communication, but this does not mean they have moved away from the glass and a half of milk.


  • Top Deck!

  • Georgiegirl

    I was a staunch fruit and nut fan until i discovered black forrest!!! Now i sway between the two. Gotta love the crunchy chewy goodness of these two!

    • CONGRATS Georgie, you’re the winner! Enjoy your chocolate x

      • Georgiegirl

        Thanks! Lucky summer is over :)

  • Margaret

    My favourite block is Caramello, followed closely by Crunchie! I adored the Tiramisu block and was devastated when it was discontinued! I also loved the Old Gold with macadamias and Old Gold with raspberry pieces. Most of my favourites were discontinued! Booo Hooo :(

  • Judy Spadavecchia

    Jamaican, Old Gold Peppermint…
    actually, anything dark is amazing. The darker the better :-D

  • Elizabeth

    Dairy milk – there is nothing more heavenly than, after a stressed-out day to sit back with a trashy magazine or the dvds of your fav tv show, and letting a piece of Cadbury Dairy Milk choccie melt in your mouth…mmmm!

  • Louise

    Turkish Delight is guaranteed to disappear in no time

  • Louise

    Sorry, just read the Aussie only bit – please delete my comment. Great giveaway!

    • No worries Louise! Thanks anyway – I’m a fan of turkish delight too :)

  • Yummy dairy milk…. Silk s very tasty product n love it a lot. Cadbury gives a special celebration no speci occasions

  • aeron

    Milk chocolate. Good old fashioned Milk chocolate :)

  • sean

    Snack for sure!

  • erica

    Dairy Milk all the way

  • Elizabeth


  • Gail

    Cadbury Cashew
    chocolate and cashew nuts mmmmmmmmmmmm

  • that was a tasty looking competition. congrats to the winner! I will have to keep an eye out for the next free competition.

  • Shade

    Cadbury’s peppermint. Mmmmm… ‘homer drool’

  • Emily Smith

    I love Cadbury Chocolate and i love the people that make it yyyyuuuuummmmmmyyyyyyy.

  • bunie

    i cant have chocolate but my sister loves it and she has cancer. i love here so much

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