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Review: The Point Cafe, Lennox Head

Posted on May 13, 2008

[Point Cafe, Bacon and scrambled eggs with grilled tomato and Turkish toast]

[Point Cafe, Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and rye sourdough toast]

I’m back in Lennox Head this week visiting my lovely in-laws in their fantastic new house and am very excited to try all the new restaurants that have sprung up.

But first The Bear and I had breakfast at an oldie, but a goodie, the Point Cafe. This is where the locals go to get excellent value for money and speedy, friendly service. It wasn’t too busy this morning and we got a great spot outside in the sun; heaven after our chilly time in Milton Keynes and we joyfully soaked up the rays like a pair of lounging lizards.

In just a few minutes our flat whites were delivered and they were complex and nutty like coffee should be. I wonder what kind of milk they used because they were incredibly creamy and had a nice thick crema on top. (more…)

Mr Jerk, thanks for spicing up my life!

Posted on May 5, 2008

[Top: Jerk Chicken, Above: Pineapple Jerk Chicken]

I’m going to squeeze in one more London review before returning my attention to the wonderful city of Sydney and it’s lovely Autumnal weather. Note: It’s warmer than Spring in the UK. (Sorry guys, it’s true).

The Bear and I were craving some Caribbean food during our last weekend trip to London and we knew we had to head straight to Mr jerk, because as far as I know (and someone correct me if I’m wrong), there aren’t any good places to get it in Sydney.

Mr Jerk is just off Oxford Street and famous for it’s delicious Jerk chicken, rice and peas and my absolute favourite fried plantain. (more…)

Where’s good to eat in Milton Keynes?

Posted on April 13, 2008

Jaipur Milton Keynes
[Jaipur Restaurant, Milton Keynes]

I’ve only got 3 weeks left in Milton Keynes, a small town about an hour out of London, and have received a few emails asking why I haven’t reviewed any local restaurants? Well, good question people.

So, here’s a quick overview of the places we’ve been to, with a more detailed review of a few of them to follow in the next few weeks.

Loch Fyne – a really nice seafood restaurant with fishmonger counter that sells to the public. We ate salt and pepper calamari, mussels with Thai sauce and pan fried halibut with roasted fennel. Everything was very fresh and expertly cooked, plus the complimentary bread was warm, crispy on the outside and fluffy within. I was envious of the 3 tiered seafood platter the couple next to us were eating. I want to go back for that… (more…)

A little alcohol, a little Japanese food

Posted on April 7, 2008

Eel don @ Taro, London
[Photo by cia_b from Writing With My Mouth Full] – I didn’t have my camera handy]

After a few drinks at the pub with old work mates in London’s trendy Soho, our tummies started grumbling. We needed food, and fast. But not fast food. No way, not on my watch buddy. I’ve only been persuaded once to go to KFC late at night, and I was very, very drunk.

I regret it unreservedly because people always remind me of it. I am the healthiest eater in the world, but no amount of whole grains, greens, tofu and soy milk will make people forget my late night visit to the Colonel’s dirty bird chain. I maintain that I was peer pressured. End rant.

So last Friday night I got to choose the place that soaked up the booze and I headed straight to my old favourite haunt, Taro. I used to work in Soho and Taro was a regular indulgence because I was craving fresh Japanese food like the stuff you can get easily in Sydney, but not in London. Pre-packaged sushi is sold in the supermarket here – yuck, yuck, yuck. Sorry Tesco’s. (more…)

Dining at the Bistrotheque

Posted on March 15, 2008

Bistrotheque Dining Room Bistrotheque Oak Room
[Photos taken from the Bistrotheque website]

Whenever I read restaurant reviews I always impatiently skim over the article first to find the dishes that were eaten. I’m going to presume everyone is like me and list these first before rambling on.

Crab cake with saffron hollandaise
Roast chicken with garlic butter and rocket
Steak and chips with bearnaise sauce
Confit of duck with asparagus and spinach
Seasonal roast veg – carrots with chervil

Bistrotheque is one of those places that you would never just walk into off the street. Why, you ask? Well it’s really hard to find, even if you know the address, which we did.


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