Sweet Treats

Plenty of indulgent blow outs and healthy everyday treats to keep you on track.

I try my best to make desserts as healthy as possible so that they can be enjoyed more often without sacrificing texture or flavour. I have been experimenting a lot with vegan desserts so there are plenty of those.

Chocolate, Chestnut and Baileys pots

Posted on May 2, 2012

Baileys (Irish liqueur) always reminds me of my friend Sarah who l used to work with in London. She is obsessed with the stuff. It’s not surprising really, who can resist creamy booze? Not many people I know!

I’ve been thinking of Sarah lately as she is getting married soon to her lovely fiance Steve (good luck guys!) and I remembered that I promised her I would feature a dessert with Baileys on my (future) blog for her. That was back in 2006. (Ahem, *coughs nervously*). So, it’s been a long time coming!

Last week I received a picnic basket filled with goodies from Bonne Maman in anticipation of Mother’s Day. It included a pot of their delicious sweetened chestnut puree and the sight of it planted a little seed in my head about a chocolate pot flavoured with chestnut. (more…)

Jaffa macadamia ANZAC biscuits

Posted on April 25, 2012

Every year I make ANZAC biscuits because they are my hubby’s favourite. And each year I think “why don’t I make these more often?”.

This year I was all set to make my usual batch based on hubby’s mum’s recipe (see here) when I saw a delicious adaptation on my friend Lorraine’s blog.

I’m a huge fan of macadamias and stocked up big on them on a recent trip to the Northern Rivers region (where they are grown and best sourced fresh!). When I saw that Lorraine had included them in her recipe I went hunting in the pantry for my stash. (more…)

Soy caramel rice pudding {gluten free, vegan}

Posted on April 17, 2012

Comforting rice pudding with a sweet caramel twist. What more could you ask for?

OK, how about if I tell you it is also gluten free and vegan too? Yep, it’s a pretty amazing little recipe! (Not that I’m bragging or anything…) (more…)

Chocolate hot cross bun pudding {Ten Breakfast}

Posted on April 9, 2012

If you have been reading this blog for a while then you know I’m always banging on about not wasting food.

I pride myself on coming up with ingenius ways to make leftovers into new meals and make sure nothing is wasted where possible (no half jars of things going mouldy in the fridge at my house!).

That’s why when Ten Breakfast (<- video link to my segment) asked me to come in this morning and show viewers how to use up their leftovers from Easter, I was delighted! To say the least. (more…)

Lime & hazelnut Maltese figolli for Easter

Posted on April 3, 2012

This year I’m participating again in my friend Nanette‘s exciting annual Easter event of World Figolli Day.

Figolli are delicious Maltese biscuits that are traditionally made and eaten at Easter time. They are usually filled with ground almonds and mixed citrus zest, but I’ve given them my own little twist with hazelnuts and lime. (more…)

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