Sweet Treats

Plenty of indulgent blow outs and healthy everyday treats to keep you on track.

I try my best to make desserts as healthy as possible so that they can be enjoyed more often without sacrificing texture or flavour. I have been experimenting a lot with vegan desserts so there are plenty of those.

Christmas cake brownies

Posted on December 9, 2013


Just when you thought all the brownie flavours were played out… bam! I present you with christmas cake brownies. Chocolatey squares that are delightfully supercharged with dried fruit, spices and blanched almonds.

You’re welcome.

Two beautiful desserts come together here in one festive treat that is so versatile. Serve in small squares with coffee or tea, plate up with custard as dessert, sneak a bit from the fridge between meals, or maybe for breakfast – hey, it’s the holidays, live a little!  (more…)

Almond and coffee self-saucing pudding {vegetarian}

Posted on June 12, 2013

Self saucing pudding is one of my signature desserts. I love experimenting with different flavours and textures in both the fluffy topping and the saucy bottom. My usual go-to flavour combo is banana (on top) and caramel (saucy bottom). It is truly divine, and I promise to share that recipe soon.

However, this delicious combination came about when Vitasoy briefed me to make two coffee-flavoured desserts. Tiramisu immediately sprang to mind, but then I remembered I’d already created a chocolate virgin version before for them, so that was out. At that moment it started raining, and for some reason a warm, comforting self saucing pudding popped into my brain.  (more…)

Arabian Honey Cake + This week I’m craving… {honey}

Posted on May 17, 2013

(sing) Honey to the bee, that’s you for me…

I’ve had that lyric stuck in my head for weeks. I’m not sure where it’s from – some R&B song from the nineties, probably*. It pops into my head every time I look at the honey jar, which lately has been often.

Often, as in, every day.

Honey in my tea, honey (and real butter) on toast or crumpets, honey in a homemade natural tonic for a sore throat and… in cake. (more…)

Chocolate Quinoa Cake {gluten free} + 5 more chocolate cake recipes for Mother’s Day

Posted on May 9, 2013

Are you looking for a different kind of chocolate cake for Mother’s Day?

A healthy one. That’s gluten free. Nut free. And dairy free too.

To be honest, the cake you’re looking for probably doesn’t need to satisfy all those requirements, but I’ve made one anyway!

This has absolutely the best texture of any gluten free cake that I have ever made and it’s all thanks to one secret ingredient – cooked quinoa. I’ve experimented before with quinoa flakes and quinoa flour (as well as many other types of GF flours) but cooking the quinoa first definitely results in the best moist texture that still crumbles like ‘real’ cake. (more…)

Golden syrup white chocolate ganache {dairy free}

Posted on May 1, 2013

Have you got any ANZAC biscuits left from last week? I doubt it, because I don’t!

Never mind, this ganache works just as well sandwiched between any biscuit and it’s completely dairy-free too.

But not guilt free. That would be taking it too far. (more…)

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