Gluten Free

Sweet and savoury goodies without a single speck of gluten but loads of flavour.

I don’t have a gluten intolerance but I have friends and family who do and I know some of you, my readers, are gluten free so I try my best to give you a good range of yummy treats, both meals and desserts.

Ruby red chicken noodle parcels {gluten free}

Posted on September 11, 2012

Gluten-free cooking is a personal challenge of mine. My mother-in-law follows a gluten free (GF) diet for health reasons, and I enjoy making yummy dishes that don’t make her feel like she is missing out on the ‘good’ stuff like pastry and sourdough bread.

Asian dishes are a good place to start, as they are (mostly) naturally GF, however, I know many people on a GF diet eat lots of rice in place of pasta, so I decided to go down the noodle route for this dish.

These parcels are kind of a more substantial san choy bau or, to liken them to a completely different cuisine – a type of asian burrito – with noodles instead of rice, and lettuce instead of a tortilla, and saucy chicken instead of beef. Um, OK, they’re not really like a burrito at all!

But you DO fill the lettuce leaves with noodles and chicken thigh chunks simmered in ruby red grapefruit juice, ginger and kaffir lime, then roll it up and dig in. Yum! (more…)

Polenta and sweetcorn patties {kid-friendly}

Posted on September 3, 2012

These are a great way to add variety to your child’s diet (and yours too!).

Polenta is ground cornmeal and is a very tasty gluten free alternative to rice, pasta or noodles. It also has a nice sweet taste, which is further sweetened here with creamed corn – a favourite flavour of many children!

I have developed this recipe specifically with kids in mind, but these also work beautifully with ‘adult’ inclusions such as gorgonzola, marinated olives, fresh herbs or whatever your heart desires!


Easy vegan bean tacos {Meatless Monday}

Posted on August 27, 2012

I barely ever make tacos. Like, barely ever. The last time I made tacos was literally… I can’t remember! Maybe back in 2005. I don’t know.

They just don’t appeal to me. You know why? I feel like I’m not going to be satisfied by them. The crunchy shells just seem too flimsy and light to be a real meal.

But what about the toppings?!!! I hear you shout. Yes, I am a fan of guacamole. Yes, I am a fan of sour cream. A big fan. Sure, I like salsa, and lettuce, and spicy mince meat too. But tacos, to me, are nothing more than a snack. (more…)

Cauliflower and chickpea soup with dukkah

Posted on August 20, 2012

I’m one of those weird people that really enjoys giving themselves challenges – although it almost always works to my advantage. During exercise when I want to give up I mentally force my body to go harder and when I have an empty fridge, I feel more determined than ever to make something yummy out of nothing.

This particular day was grey, overcast and dull, and I craved soup. I decided to make a beige soup to match the weather. A soup that was beige in colour, but not beige in taste! Yes, it was a challenge indeed.

I poked around in the kitchen for bits and pieces that matched my brief. The fridge boasted a market fresh cauliflower and the pantry revealed tinned chickpeas. The bench top housed a recent gift – a packet of dukkah spice mix and then an idea was formed… (more…)

Slow cooker harissa roast beef

Posted on August 16, 2012

This recipe has only three ingredients and three steps. I almost didn’t post it here because it is embarrassingly simple.

But then I thought ‘hang on, plenty of people want super easy slow cooker dishes up their sleeve’. Am I right?

Today’s rant is more about the brilliance of slow cookers and how they can help you enjoy a roast beef meal in the middle of the week. Doesn’t that sound appealing? It’s such a rare occurrence to eat a roast dinner other than on a weekend due to time contraints and the old chestnut of ‘I just can’t be bothered’.

Thank you modern technology, once again I bow down to you. Slow cooker, I heart you. Big time. (more…)

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