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These stories vary from bizarre to extremely personal; delicious little morsels from around the globe that I think you might be interested in.

Here I also chat about developments with the blog, new sponsorships and partnerships with brands and flashy events I attend – such as the unforgettable Masterclass with Tetsuya Wakuda!

Official Obama family chili recipe {Ten Breakfast}

Posted on March 29, 2012

This morning I cooked Barack Obama’s family chili recipe on Ten Breakfast.

Obama only posted this recipe on his Pinterest account less than 32 hours ago and I have already cooked it live on Australian TV. The world is such a crazy place these days!

Click here to view the video online – sorry Australians only can view this! (more…)

The Ultimate BLT: Cooking Live on Ten Breakfast

Posted on March 20, 2012

Did you watch me again this morning?

The Ten Breakfast team had me on the show cooking the Ultimate BLT sandwich for Bacon Week. Mmmm, bacon.

This week I was lucky enough for their social media manager to take a few pics of me on set. There is also an interview with me on their blog if you want to check it out. (more…)

The Short Cut Cook strikes again!

Posted on March 13, 2012

They let me back on TV! This time the Breakfast team asked me to cook two unusual recipes using… beer. Sweet recipes.

Quite a difficult brief – but I was glad I didn’t have to do any deep frying on live TV – that could have ended in disaster. Once you look past beer batters, pies and long braises, beer is actually quite versatile and works great in selected sweet recipes. (more…)

My (live!) TV debut on Ten Breakfast

Posted on February 24, 2012

Did you catch my live TV debut this morning on channel 10’s new program Breakfast?

It was a tiny 5 minutes of air time and watching it back I’m cringing at how bossy I am! Wow! To be honest, I prefer to watch it with the sound off – but I’m sure my international readers will love to hear my Aussie accent!

Click here to view it. (more…)

Vegemite & Weetbix

Posted on January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day!

The weather is uncharacteristically rainy and cold in Sydney this year, so our plans for a picnic in the park drinking winetails has been foiled. (more…)

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